Computer Aided Material Handling Equipment

We can discuss with this sort of machinery because this is a new generation material handling equipment in India. Computer motor-assisted material handling instrumentations are a kind of devices that are increased by the most recent technological applications. This equipment is extremely machine-driven, so these machines will mechanically change its settings and functions in step with the changes within the system and also the method. Computer motor-assisted material handling equipments are divided into 3 sub-categories particularly robotic delivery system, computer controlled conveyor system and automatic guided vehicles (AGV).
1.   Robotic Delivery System could be a terribly versatile variety of computer motor-assisted material handling equipment. These are also machine-driven instrumentation used for material storage, retrieval and transporting, furthermore on assembly work and different applications. These robots will move backward and forward and may carry multiple masses at an equivalent time. This sort of machinery should be bought from certified heavy equipment manufacturer. This method was 1st introduced in thirty years past and with the assistance of the most recent technology, this method has improved greatly, creating it a elementary tool for provision, deposit and different industries. samples of robotic delivery system are unit the mechanized cherry picker, the UNITX and Aethon's ARD among others. 

   2.  Computer Controlled Conveyor System, as its name suggests, could be an additional technologically advanced conveyor system. This kind of conveyor system ceaselessly communicates with the central computer system so it is routed through the track network. These conveyor systems have scanner that may optically scan markers that area unit located into completely different zones. These area unit accustomed move, transport materials, quicker and easier and with less human intervention. Samples of computer controlled conveyor system area unit those who area unit utilized in producing, assembly and production.

3. Machine-driven radio-controlled Vehicles (AGV) area unit material handling equipment that area unit wont to move or transport product, components and materials between workstations, work centres and different material handling machines. These are little, one by one battery-powered vehicles that are radio-controlled by power cables that are placed beneath the ground. Different times, AGV are radio-controlled by optical guidance device, that a lot of advance and thus dearly-won that's why solely giant industries used this method. AGV are often managed by central laptops or on-board computer control. samples of machine-driven radio-controlled vehicles are AGV, tow-type AGV and fork truck among others.

Pros and Cons of Using Material Handling Equipment

Both varieties helped greatly in raising the standard and amount of employees’ productivity, moreover as minimizing errors and accidents. Though each variety will perform well consequently to the particular applications the equipment is allotted to, each variety even have their advantage and downsides.

  • 1.   Lessen manual labour.
  • 2.   Less shipping and production costs.
  • 3.   Less shipping errors.
  • 4.   Lessen employees compensation claims therefore allows you to save more in the long run.
  • 5.   Minimal damage on goods and material


  • 1.   Require fast data tracking and processing.
  • 2.   Buying your own material handling equipment may require you to raise bigger funds or initial capital.
  • 3.   Require more free floor spaces so that equipment can move properly.
  • 4.   Require you to set aside funds for maintenance and repair.
  • 5.   Require reliable and fool-proof inventory management system.